Charity, Prayer and Fasting

Whether it is a religious duty,
or just helping someone needy,
there is no need to prance around and be all snooty.
Do not be so greedy,
for a reward in this world;
He notices every deed even if it's whirled.

And when you pray,
in your room alone you must lay.
No need for meaningless words;
none of them will bend His heart towards.
He already knows;
before these questions you pose,
every need and every desire.

So when you pray, call Him 'father';
and to His name remember to bring honour.
Thy kingdom come;
Thy will be done.
By Your hand, please keep us fed,
Lord, please give us our daily bread.
Forgive us Lord,
as we extend that same cord.
Please Father, don't put us to the test;
deliver us, let us stay blessed.
From the Evil One,
at our cost, let him not have fun.
Remember again I tell you, only if you forgive others
will He forgive your sins against your brothers.

And when you fast,
from your appearance don't let it blast;
nobody must know,
and to you kindness show.
Do not be so greedy,
for a reward in this world;
He knows everything, 
all that is inside you too.

Do you really want your reward here,
where moths and rust can destroy, make it all disappear?
And even thieves can break in and steal;
Oh, that is such a terrible deal!
Remember the heart will always be,
setting focus on its riches to see.

Your eyes are like a lamp;
don't let your perception be damp.
Keep your eyes sound,
or the whole body may end up in darkness underground.
If the light in your eyes is darkness,
surely, someday it will lead to hardness.

No one can be a slave of two;
he will love one, while on the other despise grew.
You cannot say God is your honey,
while all along your'e only thinking of money.

That is why don't worry about food.
Look at the birds they do not sow seeds;
yet, your Heavenly Father somehow them feeds.
Just like that, don't worry about clothes.
Look at the wild flowers and the grass;
not even King Solomon was clothed in beauty of that class.

He already knows,
before these questions you pose,
every need and every desire.
You of little faith;
tomorrow is a different date.
It will have worries of its own;
no need to add to each day's mourns.
Instead, seek first the kingdom of God,
although at this point it may seem odd.
But, all these things shall be added unto you,
with His righteousness once He clothes you.

{inspired by Matthew chapter 6}

This poem is a part of a series of rhymes titled 'The Matthew Series'. This is the 5th poem in the series. They are all based on the gospel of Matthew and are in the correct sequence.


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