Through Covid, He speaks

I have cleared your schedule now;
no longer to the things of the world you shall bow.
I was hoping you see this as an opportunity,
beginning with your family to bring in some unity.
To appreciate the singing of the birds,
rather than the glory of their lies, their feel-good words;
to introspect within the silence of your heart,
and let me shoot in just like a dart.
To care about your home and own,
instead of the miles you would have continued to have flown.
Maybe it is time for you to quiet down,
perhaps even remove your crown.
Focus on the joys of simple living;
let your hardened heart be open and willing.
Slow down and look at what you have been missing,
all the peace you have been dismissing.
I have cut you some slack;
even your office won't be on your back.
Do you really need such a variety of food?
I'll teach you to ration and exclude.
Can you manage with just what you've got,
instead of driving down thirty blocks?
Pate de foie gras, caviar and lobsters on your plate,
it's time to put those things on hold and debate.
Food will still taste just as good,
if appreciation is the mood.
It is time to make some trims;
there has been an overflow at your brims.
Maybe it's time to quit your bad habits,
like in rehab a forced rabit
Only essentials will be made available;
none of your vices will be salable.
Consider this an opportunity if you keep your eyes on me;
you will detox and finally be free.
Maybe look at old photos;
and maybe get in touch with the people in those.
You don't even need to make a big plan;
just pick up the phone, no need to get into your van.
For once, stop looking at your debt;
money, I tell you just to forget.
The markets and gamble always a place for regret.
Instead just trust in me,
and all your woes will begin to flee.
Go back inside your home;
let the rest of my creation roam.
Maybe you'll realize something about your wife;
there is no reason for this strife.
And from your children and their innocence,
maybe they'll teach you to let your guard down and stop being too vigilant.
One thing I let you keep, that I'm beginning to regret
- the television set and your internet!
Spend time with your family,
little children, instead of Hamley's.
Spend time with your family,
women, instead of scouting the malls randomly.
Spend time with your family,
all you men, just smile at them casually.
If you've always done that and innocent you plead,
maybe it's time for others to intercede.
Learn to live with what you just need;
and stop just buying everything in greed.
Your money is no good now;
exit the material word and take a bow.
And if from family you live away,
maybe it's time to reconsider your priorities today.
Don't worry about this world, she'll always be;
not until all is accomplished , only then I'll set her free.
Listen child, please just listen to me;
consider this a learning opportunity.

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