Garcinia Cambogia is Kokam!

the packaged one

Anybody from the coastal ares of Maharashtra, Goa or even Karnataka knows what Kokam is. We use kokam as a souring agent in our gravies, very similar to how tamarind or dried mango{amboshi} is used. We make sherbat/juice of this deep hued fruit. While the whole world is suddenly raving about the superfood garcinia cambogia and health freaks across India are paying big bucks importing fancy garcinia cambogia supplements that cost just way too much; not many people know this superfood, this weigh control miracle, this powerhouse of antioxidants is actually native to India. Okay let me spell it out loud for you – Garcinia Cambogia is Kokam; kokam is garcinia cambogia! You’ve probably been eating it all along! It is true – this superfood is not easily available elsewhere in India, except the western coast. Tamil Nadu being so close to Karnataka, I never really found this miracle product in Chennai for so many years….until now. Finally, an Indian FMCG has started selling this as a packaged product for a fairly decent price too. All these years, I would go to my mother’s place in Mumbai/Bombay in summer and stock up a year’s supply of this sun-dried goodness. Well, in all fairness, the packaged product is nowhere close to what we get in my hometown. You see, back home – they dry the fruit in the sun during the summers. It is almost black with a visible carmine hue. It is soft to the touch and instantly releases colour once dipped in hot water. Many of my traditional East Indian {my ancestry is very confusing and contradictory by name: East Indians were actually the original inhabitants of Bombay which is on the Western coast of India. The name is such because of the East India company. That’s another story for another day, phew} recipes call for either tamarind extract or kokam or dried salted mango bits to be added to the gravy for that sour taste/balance. This packaged kokam is very dry and rather hard and a lot deeper in hue. It looks completely black with no trace of carmine or purplish red. But, I’m just so happy that it is finally easily available here too.

As I mentioned before, it has a lot of antioxidants so it is just amazing for your body and skin. It is anti-inflammatory and can help prevent many of the modern day diseases like cancer, diabetes and liver problems. They say it helps with weight loss. Please don’t drink a ton of kokam sherbat with a heap of sugar to expect that effect though. Some even claim it helps with anxiety and depression.

soft Kokam from Maharashtra


    1. Us too….we are under home quarantine here. Our side only essential supplies are available during fixed timings. Wow that sounds pretty neat. Show us the one you sewed. Do you have a mini sewing machine or those big electrical ones? That should be a fun topic to blog about….your custom made masks πŸ™‚ I’m great. Trying to detox I’m thoughts words and deeds….using this time to reconnect with my inner self… πŸ™‚
      Take care Alexandra πŸ™‚
      Stay safe and blessed

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      1. It’s lovely to hear from you ❀️ Oh these masks are so basic, there must be hundreds of tutorials on how to make them online 😊 I don’t have a sewing machine (I wish!) and I sewed them manually. I’d still make a post about it, but I’ve finished them and, unfortunately, didn’t catch the process on camera. Our supermarkets and transportation work perfectly, as well as post offices, but the streets are pretty much empty. Hopefully the quarantine and social distancing will help flatten the curve and the rates of this epidemic will slow down.
        I am also using this time to detox and try to stay focused, want this time to benefit me spiritually – then it’s not wasted 😊 Also I’ve been baking a bit (I made a post about my favorite cookies recently) and reading, sometimes we go out to shop or go to the post office.
        Take care and stay safe too ❀️

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        1. Likewise Alexandra…
          Wow….manually, that must have taken you a while then.
          That’s nice to know you have access to basics and transport πŸ™‚
          I sure hope the quarantine helps …our lockdown ends on 14th. Was meant to be a 21 day lockdown. Let’s see how it goes. Some measures need to be taken thereafter too
          That’s soo true…emotional, mental and spiritual health are just as important πŸ™‚
          Wow…favourite cookies….seems like a nice recipe post will be coming soon….looking forward to reading that one Alexandra…
          Take care and stay blessed

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          1. You’re right! One mask took me around 1h to make, so I was making it while watching a movie 😊 In most European countries the lockdown is planned until 14th too and hopefully the curve will flatten by that time. By all means – after the lockdown there will be probably a range of regulations to keep the situation under control. Truly all we can do is wait and hope for the better because this situation is beyond our control. Blogging really helps me stay on track.
            The recipe is here if you’d like to read it
            Take care dear πŸ’– Sending lots of love and blessings πŸ’–

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            1. Wow, 1 hour is not bad at all, Alexandra.
              I hope for the best outcome too. I wonder if people will change their perspective on life and priorities etc after this lockdown. Will wait and watch I guess πŸ™‚
              Blogging keeps me sane too. It keeps me motivated in life πŸ™‚
              Wow, those cookies look yum. should try it out soon πŸ™‚
              Thank you….you take care too…
              Love and hugs xoxoxo

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