Review: St. Botanica Biotin and Collagen Volumizing Shampoo

I bought a 300ml bottle with a printed MRP of 799 at a discounted price of 499 only. It is still more expensive than most commercial brands. I bought this in April 2019 so it has been almost a year now and I am the right person to tell you everything there is to know about this product. I have divided the specifics into pros and cons below:


  • Sulphate free, no SLS
  • Paraben free
  • Free from mineral oil
  • Contains a lot of natural ingredients including oils and herbs
  • Lathers well
  • Good sturdy packaging
  • Makes scalp squeaky clean


  • Completely dries out hair
  • not easily available
  • Pricey

I wouldn’t recommend this product. I will not be repurchasing it. Maybe, if you have very oily hair and scalp, this may suit you. The list of ingredients is so appealing and filled with the goodness of nature. The most amazing part is that it is Sulphate free yet unlike most SLS free shampoos, it lathers well enough. I dredge my hair in a lot of coconut oil before using this one and don’t forget to use a ton of conditioner afterwards to combat the drying effect.

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