A homeless soul’s take on Covid19

All the world is scared;
nobody left their house, not even dared.
While I lay on the empty streets,
no food did I eat.
and none of your cozy sheets.
Feeling overwhelmed in this city of ghosts,
everybody with their tall claims and boasts.
Covid19 don't scare me;
you won't really see me flee.
Because living is difficult; death is easy.
In this deceitful world, 
no one can serve two masters.
That's what the Bible says, as quoted by the pastor who brings me food.
He will despise one and love the other.
So if your'e leaning on evil for support,
you cannot possibly play in two courts.
You make a choice,
and if you compromise,
you choose your fate,
aye evil, mate.
Can't blame another for your sphere
You walked here, nobody coerced you here
Lie to your soul,
your mirrors have gotten old.
This is but what you'll chose.
Deception and pride, deflection and projection.
That is what humanity has become without any real affection.
Ego and bane, you have never seen real pain.
Walk in my shoes,
and then you'll know.
Just how easy it was to criticize,
not too easy to pay my price.
When I'm really dead, this is what the tombstone will have read.
Unknown, just like at my funeral,
there will be just one poor miserable soul.
Just like a quarantine,
my life was lived in isolation.
Away from them all, no kindness or pity.
The rich, the powerful, and all up the Peking order,
only used us to wipe their fodder.
A homeless person on the streets is not afraid of shame;
He has already seen all kinds of pain.
So keep your snooty complaints of ego and more,
Away from us, or we will roar.
Here on the street, observation is our only treat.
We know who among you are real, and who are cheats.
Every move we watched like a TV drill,
No other entertainment for us to fill.
The street, the beatings, the indifference and disrespect -
made us wise, what do you expect?
But now, pained by agony and reality,
we don't even fear mortality.
A statistic on the malnutrition charts,
the spasms of loneliness fills our hearts.
Not merely a word, but it twitches like an actual sword.
Our wretchedness and our blood may all the more flood,
But still your inflated hearts don't see it, studs.
So, we are the safest because we're not afraid.
Death is actually for what we prayed!


  1. Is your country on Lockdown, too? Mine is and I feel like a prisoner of war in this Community quarantine – no mass transportation, no classes and work except for the basic goods manufacturers and retailers. It’s like Holy Week in advance.

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    1. Hey Bougainvillea, its so weird here. I live in India. Few states like Maharashtra have been under lockdown since 21st itself. 22nd was a 14 hour lockdown. We got time to stock up and again from yesterday our prime minister announced a 21 day curfew. The central government assured us essential services won’t be affected. But supplies are rather sparse. I have stocked up a bit. We should be fine. I just pray people are able to have access to basics at least. I do not feel like a prisoner at all actually. I feel it is a good way to detox and spend time with family and go back to simple living for a while at least. Of course that is only possible if you have supplies. It is sad for people who cannot afford to stock like daily wage labourers etc. I see two sides to this. I am an optimist usually and I feel its a wake up call to re-think how we live, tax our planet, neglect the closest to us, spend some time with God, now that our schedule is kinda clear 🙂 Sending you good thoughts. Hope you get through this well. Take care and God bless you 🙂 🙂 🙂


    2. There are lots of knives and daggers aimed at many! But rue my bestie ur still very funny. For this world is not a place for many. We continue our lives for every penny. few of us remain sane! And are always there to share your pain!

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