Immanuel, God among men

A very long time ago,
about fourteen generations to and fro,
from Abraham to King David,
while they all still waited,
exiles from the Davidic line,
and then another fourteen, it took God to assign.

The virgin gave birth,
though untouched was her girth.
Immanuel, God among men,
in the town on Bethlehem.
Now, Herod was king;
this news that the wise men bring.
The visitors from the east,
deceived by this beast.
They followed that star;
and no, they didn't go by car.
Gold, frankincense and myrrh,
not really the things He'd prefer.

On return in their dream,
they learned of Herod's wicked scheme.
From Bethlehem to Egypt,
from Egypt to Nazareth,
male infanticide;
because of Herod they died.
The sound of bitter weeping,
those holy innocents probably just sleeping.
Rachel is crying,
just like Jeremiah said.

(inspired by Matthew chapters 1 and 2)

This poem is a part of a series of rhymes titled 'The Matthew Series'. This is the 1st poem in the series. They are all based on the gospel of Matthew and are in the correct sequence.


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