Sitting by the brook Cherith

By the brook Cherith is where I lay;
This is where I spend most of my day.
Hidden from the world,
Not even a mattress to get curled.
But picture this, those black ravens...
well, they know of my temporary havens.
They bring me food - meat and bread.
And you thought ravens were evil;
that is what has always been said.
The water by the brook is crystal clear;
sure, you would have probably preferred some beer.
But, I like it like this here; it's God's provision,
until I fulfill His ultimate vision.
He's got one for me, you know.
Sometimes you just have to go with His flow,
trusting His insight,
while I take a bite.
I have a lot of work to do here.
While to the world it may seem like I disappear,
I am just taking some time off .
To the world it may seem like a layoff;
but, I'm just working on me,
in the heart of this serenity.
Here at my brook Cherith,
like in old times they berith.
It may seem as though life has stagnated,
like an old rusty tire has deflated,
doing the math, waited and waited.
But I'm just working on me,
here at my brook Cherith.
I think I finally understand,
why I had to enter the wasteland.
This brook Cherith may seem like a waste of time;
two or three years until the raindrops chime.
But that's my brook Cherith
And with grace, surely it leads to merit.

Elijah at brook Cherith {pic credit:}


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