This same time next year

About this same time next year,
along with the saviour,
conquering fear,
right at this very pier.

This same time next year,
harvest is near.
Back out in the field,
that crop will finally yield.

This same time next year,
in the month of march,
when all the land will not be so parched,
water will flow and the fields will glow.

And finally we will know,
all that was necessary ...for these plants to grow.
This same time next year,
harvest will be so near.

Wait some more;
the battle is now offshore.
When you finally realized,
it aint your battle and it aint your prize.

This same time next year,
there will be some cheer.
And those who dared to jeer,
will be all but a mere...

The accuser of our brethren,
his hold will finally disappear.
While the rainbow perseveres,
and takes off in fifth gear.

Bring in that Shunammite,
because God knows of her plight.
At the same time next year,
everything will become clear.

I will surely return to you,
about this time next year.
At the appointed time,
aligned with God's plan.

Isn't it ironic?
this same time next year,
when most of your woes,
bite dust and disappear..

Fought for the prize;
prepared a shelf to place it all nice.
But by then, almost worthless it will be,
because all you will need is He!
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Genesis 18 {pic credit:}
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        1. I couldn’t if I wanted…..

          Liked by 1 person

            1. Jonny D
              Is like a honeybee
              Always nectar collecting
              And sweet honey preparing
              A reflection of Christ
              All good and nice

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              1. “Jonny D” knows his reality,
                and capability….
                Will she love me
                In my humanity-?
                Her pedestal is too high for me!

                He follows rhe great “I AM”,
                Doesn’t always follow the plan…..
                but by His grace
                He seeks the Lord’s face,
                clothed in Christ I can! —J.D.

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