Review : L’Oreal Hydrafresh Anti-Ox Grape Seed Hydrating Mask-In Double Essence

Pink and white are two of my four favourite colours. With a product designed and dressed like that, I mostly bought it because it looked so pretty. If you notice the pictures, it has two sides. These are two separate compartments. One houses the gel, which is like a fuchsia pink in colour. The other side houses a white cream. Each side has its own individual nozzle. But, it is still hassle free as you just have to press the top once and that is enough to get both the pumps going. When you press, it lets out the white cream as well as the gel separately from each nozzle. Once you mix it up, it looks like a light consistency cream. The fragrance is pleasantly intoxicating. It smells like exotic berries. It is not over-powering or lingering either. It fades away very soon. Well, I bought this about five months ago. If you notice – my bottle is half empty. So, I have really used this product over a fairly decent time before penning my review here. It is very lightweight and light in consistency and texture. It glides on smoothly on my skin and has a very dewy finish. It does not feel heavy, greasy or oily at all. It gets absorbed almost instantly after a few seconds by my combination skin {oily in the T-zone and dry elsewhere}. This is one of the very few creams/moisturizers I would recommend for day use because it is not heavy at all. I used it when the weather was scorching and I have used it in winter too. It is not sufficient for winter as a night cream. But, during summers, if you just want something light – it will do for sure. You can use it under your makeup or talc like a primer. If an actual primer is part of your routine, you can use it before your primer. It is priced at INR 950 for 50ml {25ml serum+25ml moisturizer}. I bought this at a discount, so I paid INR 655. I think it’s great for the price I paid.

If you’re looking for something heavy for night use that will visibly plump up your skin if you use it once in a while, this is not that product. You will need a more intense night cream for irregular use and if skincare is not part of your routine every night {like me}. I use a cream once in ten days or more. So, I really need something that will compensate for the entire fortnight bringing life and bounce back to my visage πŸ™‚ I do think they could just mix the two in a jar and sell it as a single lightweight cream. I’d buy that. It would manage to cut down packaging costs, but I guess the pump with a 2-in-1 claim is more appealing and attention-grabbing from a marketing perspective.

comes out as two seperate things

If you’re wondering what the ingredients are, I have taken some pictures for you along with the manufacturer’s claims, tests etc. Mine has a ‘made in China’ print.

I sincerely hope my review helps you make an informed decision. I would love to hear about your experience with this product.

Stay Beautiful,

PS: This blog solely manifests my own personal opinions and is uninfluenced by any company, brand or external party. I do not promote any brand or product and am not compensated by any of these. I personally own and have purchased this product. I cannot guarantee it will work in the same way for you. Please exercise caution and keep your specific conditions, skin, allergies and body in mind while trying out new products.  


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