The fall of the unicorn

In the first year itself that unicorn fell.

But then, at least it knew it was hell.

As time passed by,

it lost its sense.

Of all that was right; and this became anothers fight.

Pointing its hoof at every corner,

it was always the world you see;

this unique mystical creature how could it be,

him in all his majesty?

But even still,

overcompensated at every fall,

That unicorn always brought back something not-so-small.

Time passed it by and nobody could tell

but this unicorn stopped just visiting,

and started living in hell.

Distributing rainbows to all in sight,

It thought it was being just so nice.

Unable to find a mirror I’m told,

more and more defiant, its heart grew cold.

Everything else was just below,

overcompensating in rainbows and neighs.

And just about

every other way.

Instead of correcting its walk,

it’d just step over all the other innocent flock

But why were they in my path?

And why didn’t you put on a saddle from the start?

oh dear unicorn, will you ever see what you have done?

and this magnanimous web that you have spun?

Excuses galore and rationalizing,

into the devious world that was oh-so mesmerizing.

It destroyed all in sight.

And then complained all through the dark night.

After the spider, that unicorn,

was lost like the Atlantis.

The serpent, the sloth, and the preying mantis,

all in between and after

none of them could bring a mirror to show it the reality it refused to tell.

but one day it will most certainly hear the bell.

Then maybe, it will despise the times it fell.

– Ruelha



    1. I had several thoughts in mind when I wrote this poem. But let me give you one of the interpretations that you may relate to…..
      You could think of it as Adam’s fall from grace into sin. Then as time passes, the seed of sin festers and dominates mankind’s defiantly desensitized mind. Man becomes cold, rationalizes every wicked deed and remains in denial until he hears the bell…..that bell could be death/an encounter with the Holy Spirit/ even a hard knock from God to get back to our vulnerable reality as we seen during the building of the tower of Babylon.
      Hope this helps πŸ™‚


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