My kindergarten boyfriend….

My brother and I

Well, now that I scandalized you, let me clarify some details…In my school, the teachers would assign students designated spots. Each bench could accommodate two kids. As we came in, we would keep our bags and belongings at the back and settle down at our assigned desk. My partner was Craig. He was as cute as a button. Back then in kindergarten, he was this adorable little boy. He was quiet and timid. I’m not sure, but I think he had dimples. We sat on the same bench day after day; but we weren’t the best of friends, not even close I’d say. In all honesty, we seldom even spoke to each other.

But I tell you solemnly, every day when I arrived with my bag, he would spring up adorably, rush towards me and very politely ask for my bag. I would hand over my bag and he would just go and keep it in the designated spot. This kept happening daily. It was so innocent and sweet, humble and meek.

My father was very family oriented and affectionate, a social person. Weekend was dedicated to family. We either visited one of his many siblings/friends/extended relatives or went on mini getaways every weekend. There was always some fun planned. We visited my dad’s sisters’ homes very often. Until my title was stolen many years later, I was the youngest cousin. Being the youngest, I was bullied a lot, very affectionately though. Somehow the news reached my cousins. And they all ganged up and teased me till I would turn red with embarrassment. Every time we met, they would enquire about ‘my boyfriend Craig’. I hated being teased and would just cry and run to my mom (who would be seated with the adults in the living room) refusing to sit inside the room unsupervised with them.

Well, I never really disclosed to Craig that my crazy cousins labeled us as a pair. It did get a little awkward for me each day when he would collect my bag from me. I started hesitating, imagining my cousins teasing me. I’m guessing he probably observed his dad or caretaker do that for their partner. Children learn a lot from mere observation. It’s not my place to comment especially since I have no idea about his family background. But, I imagine his mum was a very fortunate lady with a very chivalrous spouse who never let her carry her own bag.

We never really became friends per se; we stayed as acquaintances all through our school life. Many years later, he was on my flight. I think it was during my Deccan days. So that was probably in 2005-2006. We spoke about school days and became facebook friends thereafter.

As for my cousins, I’d like to say they scarred me for life. I’m still unable to function normally due to the damage their ruthless teasing caused my impressionable young mind πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ Oh, I miss them so much at times.

This is a new heading I recently created. I thought it would be fun to add a section in the menu where I can make some absurd confessions, which may or may not be true. It’s open to interpretation. What do you think? Fact or fiction?

The ones who scarred me for life πŸ˜‰
(Gangsters: Ethel, Sonia, Jude, Suresh)
Sonia stitched my First Holy Communion dress πŸ™‚ She initially wanted to make a backless/off shoulder one, but her mum (my dad’s sister), seeing my dad’s face joked, “It’s not her wedding dress, she’s still small.”…..Burst my bubble and hopes right there! 😦
Ethoo, Soni, Surr….{sorry guys heads cut in original pic itself}


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