The Candy in the Corner

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This world is too big;
I feel so tiny, so unprotected.
But this dark, dingy corner I see;
Far from all this humanity.
Away from ravenous predators,
And the vultures' glares.
Oh what a fantasy, to be away from all their snares!
Right from inception this habit kept,
Every time when this little candy wept.
"A wrapper for a blanket,
So comfortable these can be,
Like hugs all around surrounding me.
Enveloped in serenity;
with no other entity.
My home, this wrapper,
Boy, do I feel dapper!"
The world goes by,
But this candy stays here.
Hidden in the corner,
covered in splendid armour.
Quiet and alone,
in the midst of stone.
Constricted, not sprawled in lavish repose,
This candy enthralled,
by grace of the wrapper that enclose.
"Right here in this wrapper where absolutely no one can find me."
Canoodling with darkness,
Anxiety can no longer be harnessed.
"Just like the rib-cage is a sanctuary for the heart,
This momentary peace, I shall not part."
Evanescent by the fray,
Just waiting, like dusk...
...for a new day!

covered in splendid armour
a wrapper for a blanket…
Photo credit :, Rita Webb


    1. Finally, someone got it! Some people thought I was just harping about some fancy candy. The candy is a metaphor for this fictitious person who runs to corners and constricted spaces and finds solace in darkness.


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