The Curse That Opened Pandora’s Box

Picture Credit : The Idealist {facebook}

There once was a man, charismatic as ever.

Virtuous and pious, endearing and clever.

Destroyed by a spider, his eyes changed forever.

Respect he lost for all other life forms,

until it became – just his norm.

Now almost twenty years, this impression already formed.


From the beginning, a ravine in his heart.

This deep abyss, he’s just trying to part.

Alone he can’t be, so toil he must.

To overcome the spirit of his loneliness.

Boredom was his excuse, time he must pass.

He himself didn’t know it.

Unaware, he didn’t really show it.


Then came a revelation, this truth divulged.

Decided this was his final straw.

Innocence is bane, this moral culpability.

Loathed and resented the sloth’s banality.

His inner voice got buried inside;

Five years ago when he cried.

Seeking no truth, but to conquer them all.

More and more frequent his triumphant fall.

In an innocent void, this mistake he coiled.

A dozen years back, still haunting his track.

Now friend has turned foe; those memories just won’t go.

Pardon he seeks, but can only weep.

A curse set upon his family,

“the same misfortune will now follow you”.

Friend or foe, you decide. Though

all this was three years ago.


With just one spell, opened the gates of hell.

Oh yes, you can tell.

Those little traits, became the devil’s bait.

And now this is his seeming fate.

The devil gave him all.

“Yield to me. At my feet, you shall fall.”

An erstwhile past, reappeared.

His affliction became his addiction.

His addiction became his pride.

So now he thought, this horse he must ride.


Straddled on, he galloped from town to town.

In pursuit of peace, just how silly this sounds.

In perfidy, his worth he thought he’d found.

Now, arrogance and pride formed his crown.

Invincible, right up from the ground.

Rationalizing all, in opulent intoxication.

Peace forgotten; this man, begotten.

Not even afraid of the truth, so low he fell,

That darkness became his new best friend.


The devil even visited this man I’m told.

Many years ago, in his folds.

Making their lives a living hell,

This cursed family was tired of the spell.

You’d think the devil must have had his fill.

With this cup of tears, overflowing from the brim.

But mercy he knows not, for in fire he too is caught.


Revenge he must seek, with his blood soaked teeth.

Their wrongs, he will no longer …just sing along.

The spider, the serpent, the sloth, the praying mantis

And all, must pay for this entwined lattice.

Resentment, unforgiveness and pride,

With all these demons, in his stride.


But a little ray of hope, emerges from the condemned liaison.

Weary and impaired, this one, you can tell.

“But I must not let this man just go to hell.”

Hope was there; and faith persevered.

Resilient, as they hide marching with the Creator at side.

But until the battle is won,

This story remains undone!


Cursed is the one who trusts in man,
who draws strength from mere flesh
and whose heart turns away from the Lord. – Jeremiah 17:5

 “But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord,
    whose confidence is in him. – Jeremiah 17:7

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