Looking fabulous on a Budget

Not everybody can afford to splurge on designer tags, luxury products and grooming equipment. So what does a girl do? Well, fret not! I’m here to show you how to look irrefutably enchanting ….even on a budget.

Beauty is not about having a chiseled face, luscious locks, a perfectly sculpted body and designer tags; it’s about having a graceful mind, a beautiful heart and most importantly – a poised soul. Be comfortable and stay confident; stay cheerful and be at peace within yourself. That is true beauty that encompasses your whole being, radiating from your mind and soul to your body transcending every beauty norm and lighting up everything wherever you go. Carry yourself gracefully with confidence and your beauty will shine through anything and everything.

It is prudent to stock up on some basics that fit you well and enhance your features/body. As far as the wardrobe goes, it is a good idea to have:

Black Trousers
All-weather Slippers
Nude Pumps
Black Dress
Casual Tees
  1. A pair of blue jeans that fit you well
  2. Black trousers that compliment your figure
  3. A formal white buttoned up collared shirt that you can dress up or down
  4. That little black dress
  5. A few inexpensive tees
  6. Formal Indian attire that you are comfortable wearing {saree/kurta}
  7. Closed court shoes in black or nude colours
  8. Flat ballerinas/ loafers or belly shoes
  9. Simple comfortable sandals or floaters
  10. All weather Slippers
  11. Sport shoes
  12. A classy handbag in neutral colours, brown or black preferably.
  13. A backpack with a laptop compartment
  14. An itsy bitsy party clutch that can hold your phone
Sport Shoes
Well-Fitted Trousers
Versatile Blue Denims

As far as cosmetics go, you must have these. Allow me to elaborate just how to squeeze the maximum out of these versatile goodies.

  1. Black kohl pencil / kajal

You can use it as an eyeliner and a brow pencil {with a very light hand please} or to create moles and beauty spots.

2. Petroleum jelly

Can be used as a lip balm, lip gloss, body butter, hair mousse, make up remover, brow gel, cuticle cream, body highlighter/bronzer, makes perfume last longer, protect skin from dye stains and messy nailpolish.

3. BB cream/tinted moisturizer / CC cream

Make sure you get one with SPF in it to avoid the need of multiple products. This replaces foundation, moisturizer, sunscreen and even primers all at the same time.

4. Baby powder / Talcum powder

Since most baby powders are super fine and soft, they can be used as a finishing powder over your BB cream to create a natural look, can be used as a highlighter, dry shampoo, lipstick mattifier, foot deodorizer.Go easy on it though as too much can lead to respitatory problems.

5. Hair oil

Can be used before shampooing  so you can skip the conditioner all together. It is an excellent moisturizer, hair detangler, lip balm, lip gloss, make up remover, massage oil, cuticle oil, eyelash/eyebrow growth serum.Remember to check the ingredient list for absence of mineral oil. I like 100% coconut oil without any mineral oil or adulterants.

6. Pigment stick / jar of choice in peach/rose/pink or brown

You can use it to make your own blusher, lipstain, tinted lipbam, lipgloss or eyeshadow

It is wise to review your wardrobe before you go shopping. That way you will buy exactly what you need; it will help you plan a reasonable list and budget. You wont need go back next month because you forgot to buy matching leggings for your kurta. You are less likey to fall prey to the come-hither looks those cold -shoulder tops are throwing at you because you are aware that you already have too many of those. So while all your friends convince you those pumps look irresistibly hot on you, you wont succumb because you just seen a stockpile of them that you probably never/seldom use. Maybe you’ll end up buying those flats instead, remembering those slippers back home that probably need resuscitation.

Hand-me-downs and exchanges are a great idea. I have very beautiful, stylish cousins. The eldest would hand her outfits and knick-knacks to the younger sibling. She would then pass it down to me. I would, in turn hand it down to my younger cousin, all in the family. I had the most beautiful clothes come to me and I’d be really excited to open my goody bag. If you have friends that are on a budget like you and if they fit into the same size as you, its a great idea to exchange stuff ever so often.

Smile Please πŸ™‚

Don’t be impressed with big brand names and designer labels. Shop off-season and during sales. Disregard trends; pay heed to your own body/face/style. Observe what suits you best and buy only those things that flatter your shape/size and enhance your own beauty. Do not try to fit into any trend or definition of beauty.

And finally smile; it makes you look more beautiful without costing a dime!

Stay Fabulous,



      1. BAH! I am just a servant as you are–of our Lord God Most high–even Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior—by the power of the Father and through the Holy Spirit, who lives in both you and I —GIVE THY PRAISE UNTOGOD ALONE! :D…BUT YOU ARE NOT THE FIRST to suggest such foolishness!

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        1. Aaaahhhh……see, everyone is dumbfounded by your kindness …..too good to be human…..

          thanks cuddley bear…
          For always being there….


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