I cleaned my stovetop gas burners and….


My stove top is almost 7 years old now. I have been cleaning it regularly. But this time I had a hankering for a bigger project. I must say it is imperative that you read the entire post though. There is some vital information posted at the end that you must not ignore. So here is what I did:

The Paraphernalia

I took a plastic mug. Then I immersed my burners with the overflow rings in the plastic container and added regular synthetic cooking vinegar.

Step #1
Soak in vinegar

I cut up 2 lemons and squeezed the juice of 1.5 of them and added 2 dessert spoons of baking soda to this mix.

Add lime juice
Add baking soda

When the soda was added, the concoction stated bubbling. I gave it a little mix and left it to soak in overnight. The next morning, I took some bits of aluminium foil (that i save up for cleaning heavy duty grease) and scrubbed it a little. Cleaning was moderately easy. I did not put in much effort. I was very impressed and happy to see the colour change.

After scrubbing two of them

Would I recommend it to a friend? Well, if you’re my arch nemesis, I certainly would! Guess what? I was so happy to use my squeaky clean burners. The very first time I used them, it turned blackish again. Here, have a look. What a waste of time and resources!

All three cleaned burners, turned black after use 😦


          1. I understand you perfectly; don’t bother over that ok 😌… it happens to all of everyone… If I was there, I could have helped you each time you got fed up


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